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Account lockout problme

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  • Account lockout problme


    Friends i am facing a problem in my windows 2k3 server domain. One of the user account locked 2-3 times everyday. I have delete the locations where password saved but did not solved. We have the group policy for 3 wrong threshold for account lockout.

    Can anybody tell me how can i search the root cause of the problem. I have use the Account lockout tool but not show the exact reason. Please help me.

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    Re: Account lockout problme

    What does it say in your event logs??

    Does the user have a screensaver that ask for his/her password on resume??


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      Re: Account lockout problme

      check if any service uses that account threshold to authenticate which in turns fails.

      Although, there could be many reasons.

      also try clear passwords where domain password is saved i.e. IE / Mapped Drives
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        Re: Account lockout problme

        I usually use Lockout status to see which DC the lockout likely occurred and then EventComb to track the users name in the DCs logs. Generally I would say it usually points to their machine in which case I find either the machine has dropped off the domain or there are services etc that are running under their account (I will say this is usually the case).

        The Account Lock Out tools (for others) and EventComb (for you) are here:

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