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Deleted files come back - roaming profiles

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  • Deleted files come back - roaming profiles

    Hey guys.

    Running into a bit of trouble here...

    I have a 2003 AD with XP clients.

    I run roaming profiles, but I have not enabled Folder Redirection yet... (I have taken over this AD from a former administrator)

    The problem now is that the profiles of some users are getting big, and I have instructed them to remove stuff from their desktops / my documents etc...

    And here we get to the real problem When they delete files from i.e. their desktop, the files are deleted and everything seems fine... until they logon again. Then the files are back!

    So...: When adding files to the profiles, the roaming profile is updated. (The files appear on the server too)

    But...: When deleting files when logged in on a workstation... the local session is updated and it seems like the file is gone, however in the roaming profile on the server... the files remain. This results in the files re-appearing the next time the users login to a workstation.

    I have also made a test-enviroment in the AD with a testuser getting a redirected folders GPO. (The blue arrows appear on new folders on desktop and so on...)
    The same problem seem to appear here. I can create a new folder on the desktop and the profile on the server gets updated when logging off.
    When the user logs back in the folder is back again just to make my day

    Ideas or pointers?
    Greetings from
    Petter C.

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    Re: Deleted files come back - roaming profiles

    Roaming profiles 'sync' upon a successful logoff. However, if for some reason the logoff is unsuccessful the next time the user logs on Windows will try to re-sync the profile. So imagine the situation where the logoff is unsuccessful and the user ended in a state where the central profile store still contains a file (even though the user deleted it in their local profile). The next time they logon on, Windows will do a file by file comparison and seeing that the central profile has a file that the local profile doesn't copy it back down to the local profiles. Voila the file appears to have undeleted itself.

    A couple of ways to solve this: First, check to see if users are logging off successfully. One way to tell is to examine the Documents and Settings (for XP) or C:\users (for Vista) and see if there are extraneous directories being created. These directories will look like the users profile but have .000 or .001 or .002 appended to them. This means that when the user logged off a file in the original directory was still in use. The next time they logged on Windows recognized this and created a new directory (it starts with .000 and increments each time).
    Second, are you using the free Microsoft utility UPHClean?
    This utility will help with unsuccessful logoffs.

    Another reason for an unsuccessful logoff is if the machine crashes prior to logging off. In that case, you won't have the .000 directory problem, but since the logoff was unsuccessful you'll have the sync problem.

    Another drastic measure that I don't recommend is to have your users delete the files in both places -- that is have them browse to their central profile store and delete the file there as well. However, this would certainly get rid of the file.

    Hope this helps,

    BTW there are commercial solutions out there that eliminate your original problem which was bloated profiles