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Windows 2000 DC with Windows 2003 member server

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  • Windows 2000 DC with Windows 2003 member server


    I currently have a Windows 2000 DC with a Windows 2003 standard member server. We wish to setup faxing on the Windows 2003 Server, but are faced with the error

    "You do not have security permissions to complete this operation. Contact the fax administrator for more information. "

    ..when attempting to manage the fax service on the windows 2003 server.

    The KB Article describes the issue i am having, and i have attempted to action the changes to the policy outlined in the document.

    However, upon attempting these changes on the DC i cannot add NETWORK Service user on the Windows 2000 server, as the username doesn't exisit. Nor does the policy setting of "Adjust memory quotas for a process", this i can understand being AD running on a windows 2000 server.

    I then attempted the same on Windows 2003 server to see if i can apply this setting in the local security policy on the machine i came across the message "This setting is not compatible with computers running windows 2000 SP1 or earlier."

    While this is not the case, our windows 2000 DC is running SP4, and the windows 2003 machine is on SP2.

    I have visited the event logs to see if i have any issues regarding policy, and all seems clean on both servers, and i have forced update of the policy. My next action was to ensure i have a clean backup and attempt to reinstall SP4 on the windows 2000 server.

    Has anyone else come across this situation with a 2000 DC and a 2003 member server wanting to run a service such as faxing on the 2003 server ?

    And if so can anyone point me in the right direction ?

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    Re: Windows 2000 DC with Windows 2003 member server

    Try using GPMC, or run gpedit on the local machine to check that the policy is correct.

    it definatly sounds like policy issue, run GPMC on the win 2000 server and setup the policy.

    then run, gpupdate /force on both machines.
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      Re: Windows 2000 DC with Windows 2003 member server

      Thanks very much for the help. You were correct, all appears to be good now

      Thanks once again