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Strange Internet connectivity problem

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  • Strange Internet connectivity problem

    Ok. Here is my situation. I believe this has happened twice in the past 3 months.

    I have a client with a 2K3 server which is the DC as well as the exchange server and also runs a MSSQL database (I know this is not recommended or officially supported but I inherited this setup).

    In December they moved offices. I powered down the server, loaded it into my van and moved it ~5 miles down the road. Got everything set back up, powered it on and could not access the internet. No web browsing, no name resolution, no clients browsing the web, nothing. Smells like a DNS problem at this point BUT the only thing that had changed on the entire network was the WAN of the firewall (which the internet provider could see). No troubleshooting yielded any results and after a few hours and pots of coffee I called MS tech support. 8 hours later, after more troubleshooting, it magically started working again.

    This past weekend, I had to reboot the server to complete some updates and upon reboot, the same symptoms reappeared. No web browsing on the entire network, no printing on the network (but file sharing, Exchange internal only and RDC worked fine). Disabled all non MS services through msconfig and rebooted. No luck. Then 18 hours later it magically started working again.

    Anybody ever seen anything like this before?

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    Re: Strange Internet connectivity problem

    Any ideas here? It is not urgent as it has resolved itself, but this is the second time this has happened.


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      Re: Strange Internet connectivity problem

      You can skip DNS by trying to ping an IP address. I would work backwards from the router. Ping from that device out, if that works try the firewall etc.
      If internet access is lost to the entire network then is your server also a proxy/RRAS box too ?

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        Re: Strange Internet connectivity problem

        Where does your DNS point to???

        Do you hve forwarders enabled on your DNS server???

        Does your firewall have any time restrictions set on it??