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New DC/DNS not listed in delegated NS records

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  • New DC/DNS not listed in delegated NS records

    Hi everybody,

    I have promoted a secondary DC in my child domain, then afterwards installed DNS as AD-integrated. The DC promotion went fine, all SRV records are showing as they should, however when I installed DNS (it said it installed correctly) I noticed that in my parent delegation of, there are only the pre-existing NS records, should there be an NS record in here for every DNS server that I create for that zone?

    I am pretty sure I can just add it in here manually and it will be able to find this DNS server should it so require, however I want to know what I have done wrong for it not to auto-register?

    Additionally, I have TWO PDC SRV records in this child zone, this doesn't seem to be causing a problem, and I think this is because I moved the role from one server to the new one, and this NS record does not exist in the parent.

    Any advice on this one?

    Thanks - this is my first post, so hi by the way =)