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Windows Server 2003 Integration with CRM, TFS, Sharepoint

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  • Windows Server 2003 Integration with CRM, TFS, Sharepoint

    Does anyone have a similar setup yet?? I know TFS is not even released yet but I am trying to find out if anyone has tried doing this in a test environment. My objective is to set up TFS for both project management and Software development automation as well as CRM for the Sales and support staff. Our company would like to have one sharepoint web based interface for all employees and use Outlook calendar to update from the client to the server and back as well. This seems to be a pretty tricky thing to do. They would also like to have it set up so that we could link from the Sharepoint main page to a page each designed for the needs of both the Developers (TFS) and the Sales and support staff (CRM). Anyone have any experience setting up and environment similar to this....I could definately use a hand in trying to get a test environment set up to make these programs work together.

    Thanks in advance for any help....