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  • RPC Server is Unavailable

    windows server 2003 sp 2, just updated and had some not update.

    Before I restarted I couldn't run my virtual server service (2005) due to RPC server so I ran updates and restarted.

    When the server restarted several services failed to start and some were started but I couldn't change their status (stop them).
    Every time I would pull up the properties on the services, and go to dependencies tab I would get the error "RPC Server is Unavailable", I also noticed that my network connection folder was empty and ipconfig pulls up nothing. My broadcom control suite still sees the adapters and even pulls an IP address from the DNS server, also system manager shows no errors or driver updates to the 2 NIC's.

    I have been googling this to death and the KB that has all of my symptoms is this one, but the solutions don't work, I have tried all of them. The update (step 1)was older than mine so I didn't apply it.

    Thanks for any and all help.

    PS the event viewer has been no help. The only new even is one stating that it doesn't know what the event is.

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    Re: RPC Server is Unavailable

    Found the solution

    Reinstall service pack 2 (twice since it failed the first time) - this got the adapters to show up in network connections but nothing in ipconfig

    then cleared ip and winsock using netsh (trying to remember the right commands)
    netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
    netsh winsock reset

    This also happened to my other server but the network connections was populated, so I just used the netsh and that fixed the problem.
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