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  • Quotas and Free Space Listed

    Hello everyone, this is my first time posting - but I've been using Petri for ages now and this site is incredible helpful. Thanks for all the hard work!

    So here's my situation. I've got Server 2003 R2 setup. The users' home drives are setup on a DATA partition (D:\ under a directory called HDRIVE (since it's mapped as the users H: drive).

    D:\HDRIVE is shared as "HDRIVE" with share permissions set to "Authenticated Users". Under HDRIVE are each users folders (some 60+ users).

    D:\HDRIVE\JDoe as an example. In AD, the profile is set to map H: as \\SERVERNAME\HDRIVE\%username% (which sets it to \\SERVERNAME\HDRIVE\Jdoe)

    In File Resource Manager, an Auto Quota is set for the D:\HDRIVE folder of 2GB Hard Limit. So JDoe's folder has a limit of 2GB.

    Here's the problem: Since John Doe is mapping his H: drive to a subfolder of the actual share (HDRIVE), in XP and even in Vista, the system does not show the correct amount of free space or total space allowed to the user. The volume has 250GB of space with 100GB free. So the H: drive to the user is showing 100GB free out of 250GB total space. It should be showing X amount of free space of 2GB total space.

    The quotas are working fine if the user maps the share directly and the quota is set on the share directly. Example: D:\SDRIVE is shared as SDRIVE and a quota is set for 20GB for SDRIVE. If the user looks at their S: drive, it shows only 20GB of total space available.

    Is there anything I can do to get the H: drives showing the correct free space? The only way I can think of us to share out each users' personal folder and map their H: drive to that direct share, but that means having to create a share for every user. So D:\HDRIVE would not be shared, but D:\HDRIVE\JDoe would be shared (as JDOE), and the AD profile set to map H: as \\SERVERNAME\%username% Or don't map the H: drive in the AD profile, but instead in the login script. Then put the quotas on the JDoe folder directly - or would the Auto Quota on HDRIVE still work?