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Keep-alives and RST Packets

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  • Keep-alives and RST Packets

    I have a client with a 2003 server colo'd at their ISP which is accessed through an application that users are running all over the country. A router somewhere at the ISP was sending RST packets when a connection was idle for 5 minutes which would crash the application for the users, and they couldn't figure out where it was coming from so I just set the server to send keep-alives every 4 minutes. That solved the problem for everyone except the users using Verizon aircards. After running wireshark I found that the connection with the aircards is terrible, and that frequently the reply to the keep-alive would get lost. When the server fails to receive a reply from 5 keep-alives in a row it sends a RST packet, crashing the application. Is there a registry entry I can make to increase the number of non-reply keep-alives before the server sends a RST packet? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Keep-alives and RST Packets

    Bump if anyone has an idea.