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  • W2K to W2K3 Domain

    I read the sticky on domain upgrade from 2K to 2K3 and was wondering if this is the latest hard and fast rule for domain upgrade. I've read many different bits of advice on the best way to upgrade and I'm a little confused as to what course to take. What I would like to do is run ADprep on my primary (holding all FSMO roles) which is in a single domain/forest, then upgrade all my backup DC's to W2K3...lastly upgrading my primary DC (Microsoft suggests doing this one first (?)).
    I would appreciate feedback on the best approach.


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    Re: W2K to W2K3 Domain

    Personally I'm not and never have been a fan of inplace upgrades of the OS. What I would do is demote the servers from your 2K domain one by one and then do a clean install of 2K3. After running adprep etc on the FSMO 2K box you should then be able to start introducing 2K3 member servers to the network and promote them to DCs and then you can transfer the FSMOs to one of them from the 2K DC.

    As the sticky says, keep things running in parallel for a while to make sure there are no issues before removing the "primary" 2K DC. (In inverted commas as the PDC/BDC terminology does not apply post NT4 although still often used)
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      Re: W2K to W2K3 Domain

      I would second that.


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        Re: W2K to W2K3 Domain

        Thanks for the good feedback...the sticky mentions "migrating data" is this the replication cycle? Do you know of any issues with in place forest trusts during this migration procedure? I'm going to risk stating the obvious...once the domain has settled the old DC (previous FSMO) can be reinstalled (fresh) with W2K3 and FSMO roles will be moved back?

        Thanks again!


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          Re: W2K to W2K3 Domain

          You won't be migrating. Migration is when you move from one domain to another in the same forest or in a different forest.

          Think of it as adding another 2000 DC to your existing domain (except it is 2003). That gives you redundancy. When the 2k3 DC has settled in and not effected anything, you can then transfer FSMO roles to it and make it a GC. Leave it another week and then demote the w2k DC from your domain. If you intend to never add a w2k server to the domain again, you can then raise the Forest and Domain functional levels to 2003 Native and unleash the extra features a 2k3 domain brings.

          Effectively, the 2k3 DC will have a copy of all AD data, so 'migration' has been done for you.
          All you need to do, is make sure you use the ADPREP tool on the w2k3 CD, to prepare the domain, before adding the W2k3 server. The account used to run ADPREP needs to be a member of enterprise admins and schema admins.
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