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Help with deleting Domain Controller

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  • Help with deleting Domain Controller

    Hello good day

    I have a problem in my job where the IT guy(s) from before had setup a test domain controller and instead of demoting it it seems like it was just disconnected from the domain so now i'm stuck errors in my event log I read this article on how to remove a fail server

    so i what to know if I need to go through the full cleanup or if I can just detele the server from AD users and computers, Site and Services and DNS...... ??

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    Re: Help with deleting Domain Controller

    Follow the article and treat the scenario as if it was a failed DC, so if you find a random computer stashed away at some point, don't connect it to the network, just in case.

    ntdsutil to clean metadata.
    Remove AD account if still there.
    Remove DNS entries
    Check Sites and Sevices.

    Also, make sure that all FSMO roles are in the domain and there is a GC.
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