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windows 2003 std automatic shutdown

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  • windows 2003 std automatic shutdown

    Hi All,

    My server is shutting down when I connect it to the internet there is a box appears and says Your system will be shutdown in 60 seconds and it is counting down. I aborted the shutdown using -a switch. At that time the server resource is not available to clients. a reboot is required to fix this. After rebooting some error messages appears related to lsa and other things. I have installed kaspersky 6.0 AV on this server. Please tell me the what may be the problem.


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    Re: windows 2003 std automatic shutdown

    Have you got the latest windows updates on the server?
    As you installed some AV I assume that means you didn't have any on originally? Have you updated it and scanned the machine then?
    Try an online scanner like Trend as well to make sure.
    If it has a virus then you would be best to wipe it and start again.

    You can also turn off the automatic reboot on failure to see if you have a blue screen. Do you see anything in the logs? Have you done anything to troubleshoot or fix???

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      Re: windows 2003 std automatic shutdown

      There's no updates installed on this server?

      Just download and install Service Pack 2 for Windows 2003. Your server is most likly not infected. Its external users which is why your AV isn't detecting anything. Your server should also be behind some sort of firewall. Having it open to the world like this is a huge security flaw. Hence what your seeing now.
      I can't believe people are still infected by this virus after all this time.
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