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wrong domain address

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  • wrong domain address



    server 1: (main campus)
    router -
    serv1 - windows 2003 ent r2 -
    dns, dhcp

    server 2: (annex)
    router -
    serv2 - windows 2003 ent r2 -

    both network are connected thru vpn (router based)
    serv2 configured as additional domain for an existing domain (serv1)
    users can log-on from both locations


    if i ping my domain name - it gives me the ip of my serv2 - ( not serv1 - ( help

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    Re: wrong domain address

    What do you mean ping your domain name???

    Which site are you on???

    Are both DC's GC's???


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      Re: wrong domain address

      if i ping (the name i registered when i promoted my server to dc)
      i'm at the main campus
      after checking, its serv1 that is a catalog server, but not serv2.
      do i need to make the additional dc as catalog server?


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        Re: wrong domain address

        Are you experiencing any problems other than than the wrong name being given back?

        Depending on the number of users at your annex site, you could use Universal Group Membship Caching on Server 2 that will help minimise replication traffic across the VPN tunnel. It details it Here

        Some of the criteria for placement of GC roles is dependent on whether there are multiple domains, you appear to have one domain. The GC should then not be placed on the DC holding the Infrastructure Master role in a multi domain environment, unless all other Infrastructure Master role holders are also GCs.

        Making them both GCs will give redundancy but monitor the replication traffic just in case this effects bandwidth.

        GCs will often be placed at sites where aplpications need a GC. e.g. Exchange.

        When a user logs on, it will always query a GC, so your logon traffic will go down your VPN.

        Universal Group membership is listed on a GC, so it also depends on your Universal Groups in use but either way, logon traffic will go there for checking membership.


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          Re: wrong domain address

          mate , provide info

          u using Intersite ( which i think u shud be using ) | Intrasite Replication
          Round Robin | Netmask ordering enabled or not
          Check whether the Security context of your domain name HOST A is not causing kaput .... ( by viewing HOST A RR,s in DNS Console Advanced Mode )

          If Round robin is working nd Netmask ordering is disabled .... try to resolve the domain name (ping) simultaneously from differeny systems , hopefully u wud see the Main Campus IP Addr ... ( when dns srvr tries to load balance dns queries )

          If netmask ordering is enabled , u shud be able to Resolve domain name to Main Campus IP addr when u r sighted at Main Campus Site .... nd same goes for Annex ...

          also try the following cmd,s on DC 1 ( main campus )

          1 )ipconfig /flushdns then
          2 )ipconfig /registerdns ( 2 to 3 times ) { make sure ur pref dns server in TCP|IP properties is MAIN CAMPUS DC IP Address }
          3 ) netdiag /fix
          4 ) restart dns server service

          Also check this on Domain Clients on Campus Site ....
          logon on various domain clients which are on campus site ....
          got to cmd > set
          Check whether their Logon Server is pointed to DC1 or DC2 for those various domain clients

          ALSO refer to wht VIRTUAL said ....
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            Re: wrong domain address

            Have you got any AD sites configured through AD Sites and services? and if yes are they configured properly (To mimic the physical setup of your network)?
            If you have a single domain then make all your DCs Global catalogs.
            Try NLTEST /DSGETSITE on the Client (NLTest is part of the XP support tools).
            If you still get the old results (i.e. DC that's not located in your site) try to restart the Netlogon Service.

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              Re: wrong domain address

              Also what is your primary DNS server???


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                Re: wrong domain address

                followed what harmandeep suggested. now it points to the proper address.
                btw, my dns points to serv1, my dc

                thanks to all