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Error 1327 Invalid drive letter "h:\"

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  • Error 1327 Invalid drive letter "h:\"

    I get this error right now on our W2003 SP2 server when I try to install or uninstall anything. We do not have a H drive. I have searched through the registry. I am very nervous about buying and running a Registry fixer on our AD server (of course)

    How can I fix this error? I can't install Veritas because I can't uninstall the old one, so no backups. Thanks for your time - it's much appreciated.

    NEWSBREAK: fixed it. The offending key was in User Shell Folders, mapping the H drive for logged on users as a Favorites drive

    In the process, I ran a scan by a program called Regcure. It found 1200 errors! Are these programs safe for an W2003 DC? I didn't fix anything but I'm curious, naturally
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    Re: Error 1327 Invalid drive letter "h:\"

    I would never use a third party reg cleaner on a production server.

    If you want your registry checking over for health, log a support call with Microsoft and have them do it. You'll pay - but it's worth it.

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      Re: Error 1327 Invalid drive letter "h:\"

      I would second that, especially on a DC.
      If it ever got to the stage where I wanted to start deleting 1200 registry entries I would demote/wipe/re-promote the box instead.

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        Re: Error 1327 Invalid drive letter "h:\"

        Sort on on topic, but why the heck hasnt MS fixed that "invalid drive letter" error when using redirected favorites? I have had this happen even on Vista! Favorites do not have to do with installing/removing programs.