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GPedit.msc does not open in 2003 server

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  • GPedit.msc does not open in 2003 server

    Hi All,

    I Would like to share a problem that I faced when trying to open GPEDIT.MSC in Windows server 2003 Standard edition, Service pack 2.
    The server is in Domain model.

    This is the error:

    MMc could not create the snap-in. The snap-in might not have been installed correctly.

    Name: Group policy object editor

    I googled and got the KB article. But the configuratiion in the server is same as mentioned in the article. still it did not work.

    Some sites refered to use the MMC 3.0, and reinstall .NET Framework 2.0. But the server is already running MMC 3.0 and reinstalltion of .NET Framework does not work.

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    Re: GPedit.msc does not open in 2003 server

    What edition, architecture and service pack of Windows 2003? Is it fully up to date (ie, not just the latest service pack)?

    Is the server a standalone machine (in a workgroup), a domain member or a domain controller?

    Do the event logs say anything?

    Please remember to give full details when asking a question.

    Originally posted by Forum Rule 4
    For example, tell us about

    - What Operating System and Service Pack level are you using?
    - Are you in a Workgroup or in an Active Directory domain environment?
    - What are you trying to do?
    - Why are you trying to do it?
    - What did you try already, why, and what was the result of your actions?
    - What was the exact error message that you received?
    - What does the Event Log say?
    - Are there any hardware restrictions we should know of (i.e. no floppy, no CD, etc.)
    - Do you have current backups? Why not?
    - Network setup issues, DNS, IP addresses etc.
    - Firewalls blocking connections, anything we should know?
    - Any other information you think we might need in order to help you.
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