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  • Adding Pc To Domain

    Hi everyone. well i am a new member so just wanted to say hi to all

    Beside that i am facing a little problem. we have windows server 2003 r2 with dns and active directory configured. recently we had an virus attack all pc were recovered and updated except for 4 pc's. so these four PC were formatted and we tried to add them to the domain by using the same computer name as before coz those name already exist in the AD. but now i can't add these pc to the domain it tell me that domain controller is not avaibale. were as everything is working fine on the other pc's

    will appreciate all feed back

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    Re: Adding Pc To Domain

    Do those PCs have the proper DNS settings? Can you ping the domain controller(s)? Also, delete the computer objects in Active Directory that correlate to those computers. They need to be recreated when they join the domain.
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      Re: Adding Pc To Domain

      First of all try to join domain with different computer name. if you can join domain you have problem with sid number. if you can not join domain you have problem with dns settings. in tcp-ip properties did u give preferred dns server your domain controller's ip adress?


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        Re: Adding Pc To Domain

        As you say, you have reformatted the PCs. The easiest way will be to carry out Nonapeptide's suggestion. You may be best to also delete the relevant A record for the PCs as well.


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          Re: Adding Pc To Domain

          Fatihyar makes a good suggestion as well but generally only go down that route if it is an existing machine with issues. As you have reinstalled the software, it may be easier to just delete the accounts.