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station fine for years but now can only kinda access server

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  • station fine for years but now can only kinda access server

    Friday 1/30/2009 all 8 XP pro workstations accessed WIN2000 just fine
    Monday 2/02/20009 1 of the 8 stations could not access the files on the server.

    I don’t know what happened over the weekend. No human touched it and I could find no errors on the system log.

    2. I can access run>\\server\\share....but all the folders are empty !!
    same with My Computer>\\server\\share, I see the folders but no files

    And all this is slow slow slow.

    Sometimes I can see the files, but once I try to open one file, all the files disappear, and all I can see is folders. If I open a folder it appears empty.

    The other seven Workstations work fine.

    I have tried several different restore points….
    i have reset both the server and station mutliple times

    I am obviously connecting to the sever because this Workstation can see the most recent documents….it just can open them.. doesn’t matter whether its excel, word, cad… nothing will open and just getting to it is so slow.

    One clue is that when I restart this bad workstation the windows logon is grey for a long time and slow to get to the desktopl
    Any and all help appreciated.


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    Re: station fine for years but now can only kinda access server

    Crucial details missing.

    Is this a workgroup or a domain?

    What edition of Windows 2000 is running on the fileserver - is it actually a server edition?

    Do you have a DNS server running? Do the workstations all use that as their DNS?

    Does rebooting the Windows 2000 machine help?
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