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  • IIS 6: Default Web Site

    Running Win Server 2k3 with Exchange 2k3
    I am trying to set up my public folders on Exchange and it appears that I have an issue with my Default Web Site and I have found a possible solution that requires me to set the IP from unnasigned to the specific IP of the machine on my Default Web Site, however, I dont have one... Can I create a site and mark it as default somehow? Or how do I get around this?

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    Perhaps if you explain the problem you're having we can determine whether or not the solution is valid.

    I'm assuming that when you say you don't have an IP you mean its a dynamic IP address because you can't really use IIS/Exchange on a machine without a NIC. If this is the case assign a static address, if this isn't correct try giving us more information related to the issue.

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      Sorry, I do have an IP, I was meaning that I dont have a default web site running in IIS. Just the exchange supporting virtual server.

      So the original issue is that when I try to view my public folders in the exchange system manager, it tells me "Operation is forbidden ID no c1030af1" And what I have found is that it is supposedly related to the default web site not being set to the specific IP address of the server instead of "All unnasigned" However, I dont have a "Default Web Site" to change.