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Windows Update Error number: 0x80190193

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  • Windows Update Error number: 0x80190193

    I am having an issue with a remote server. Windows updates errors out with the following ..

    Error number: 0x80190193

    i have a feeling it is a network issue with the firewall not allowing communication over a port. if anyone has any insight please help!!!


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    Re: Windows Update Error number: 0x80190193

    Very little detail given.

    Using WSUS, or Windows Update locally on that machine?

    Have you not Googled the error code? See forum rule 1. Plenty of information out there.
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      Re: Windows Update Error number: 0x80190193

      this is a standard Windows Update. Yes i have googled the error, but there are numerous possible resolutions. I was just posting something here to see if anyone might have a single idea of what it could be. I do know every instance may be different, but just trhowing the question out there.