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RRAS and PPTP Connection (NAT)

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  • RRAS and PPTP Connection (NAT)

    I want to setup a RRAS on my Windows 2k3 Server.
    The Server is also connected to the internet using a PPTP (VPN dialer).
    When i installed the RRAS i had to disable ICS and the firewall but i know i can use NAT to replace the ICS and it should be better than ICS.

    what i can't find is how to make NAT on the PPTP connection that i use to dial to the internet. (i want to share it as before with the ICS)
    I can't find it ofcourse on the interface lists because it is not an interface.
    i did manage to add a new "dialup interface" that connect using PPTP and it does get the IP from the ISP and all the other configuration but i can't use the internet at all for some reason and also to share it.

    Mainly for people in Israel, i use HOT as my Cable Provider and i use the PPTP VPN dialup to connect to Bezeqint as my ISP (i know i can use a dedicated lan connection but i need a static ip and i can only get it from them using a VPN connection), i want to share that VPN connection to Bezeqint over the local network like the ICS does.