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microsoft fax and address book?

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  • microsoft fax and address book?

    I am running windows 2003 standard edition x64, with terminal services, and 7 xp pro clients on the network. I have office 2003 basic edition installed on the server, which the clients use through terminal services. We are using the Microsoft fax console, which worked fine when the server was a x32 system. Once we upgraded to x64, the outlook address book will no longer show up in the send fax wizard, only contacts shows from the drop down menu, which is the windows contacts, and has nothing to show. How do we get the contacts from outlook to be available, and is it just a matter of it not working on a x64 based server?

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    Re: microsoft fax and address book?

    i need to rephrase this...
    what we are trying to do is use the outlook contacts in the windows address book. we can export the contacts to a file through outlook, then open windows address book and import the file, then the contacts are available in the windows address book. but everytime the contacts are modified in the outlook contacts, they again need to be exported/imported to update the windows address book. any way to streamline this a little, so that the windows address book (when you select contacts from outlook in the drop down menu) automatically updates the info without importing it manually every time? hope this makes more sense...