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user switching rephrased

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  • user switching rephrased

    May I rephrase my question on user switching so that i might get more hits and a direct answer to my question?
    I understand the difference between switching users by either logout/login or fast switch methods. I understand the recommendations and advantages to logging out and logging in as new user. However, I can see a practicality to having the fast switch available at times.
    So why "disable it"?
    Is the following true?
    1 - fast-switch enabled + use fast-switch = computer slow
    2 - fast-switch enabled + use logout/login = computer faster
    3 - fast-switch DISabled + use logout/login = computer fastest??

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    From my Original reply it should be clear. The fewer services and processes you have running the faster and less your system is going to hang around thinkin' if the other user has any mail in thier inbox. There has never been any OS that has benifited from more crap running in the background.
    Brad Bentley