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  • User activity monitoring software


    My client has asked me about whether we can log and display the file activities of all employees. He wants a record of every file opened, copied, moved or deleted by users. Has anyone heard of software that can do this?

    I currently run a weekly archive of all file shares which gives a comparison but doesn't really show activity.



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    Re: User activity monitoring software


    I'm not sure you can find a specify software for monitoring user activity in a server. But you can enable Audit object access to track user activites on any objects such as files and folders. After that you could find the logs of all file/folder access in the event logs. Warning!: This will increase the log file size dramatically.

    Mohan Mathew[VU3MMU]
    MCITP [AD]


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      Re: User activity monitoring software

      As with everything, be careful what you wish for. Mohan touches on this; but the security logs will need MASSES of space with file access auditing enabled on all activity; and there is a limit on 32-bit systems' security log size.

      You will probably need a third party tool to help you analyse and filter the security logs. It may also require almost an entire FTE to actually DO anything with the data resulting from this.

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