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users can't download files

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  • users can't download files

    this operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer please contact your system administrator

    I have allow users to download files I could not find GPO to fix it

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    Re: users can't download files

    Is this only when downloading something via Internet Explorer? Can you download using a different client like FireFox or a download manager? Is it all users or just some? If it's just IE, then this search returns some interesting possibilites inlcuding a corrupted registry key.
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      Re: users can't download files

      Did you set any GPO's?
      Is there an AV client on it which might block this?
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        Re: users can't download files

        Is this actually on a 2003 box? Possibly a standard user hitting problems with the Internet Explorer enhanced security configuration bit? Some more info would help.

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          Re: users can't download files

          Are you running ISA Server?
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