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Windows Installer Issues

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  • Windows Installer Issues

    I've been searching the web for how to fix this problem.. and can't figure it out. Windows installer is broken. I'm using Windows XP Professional.

    Here's what happend.
    I did a fresh reinstall of my entire system. Formatted my drive, put all my programs back on, and came to Elder Scrolls 3 : Morrowind. Loading bar gets about 5% done and the entire thing freezes....
    So, I moved on down the list to ATi's MMC. Remote wonder installation gives a failure error. Most the other installations, such as DAO, just freeze up like morrowind.
    Many other applications which use the Windows Installer freeze up now. I have no idea why.

    I did a search, the only thing I found was on Microsoft's website which suggested inserting my XP CD and expanding the windows installer related files. So, I did that, but it didn't fix anything.

    Any ideas? Would be much appreciated!

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    Seems I was able to fix it
    Found an old MSDN Chat:

    Which lead me here:

    I followed method 2 (after method 1 failed), and bingo!


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      Reinstall Windows Installer.

      Had similar issue on a Windows 98 machine with Symantec AV Corp. 7.5

      I see you found the article on it great work!
      Brad Bentley