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folders and acess rights on servers

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  • folders and acess rights on servers


    i found this old post and this is pretty much what i want to do but i do not know how. Please explain and show me how if you can.

    Very similar to that post, i will have:

    Sale Folder
    folder 1
    folder 5

    QA Folder
    folder 1
    folder 5

    So Sale Folder & QA Folder would have to be shared for users to see in the network. how do i set specific rights such as read, write, delete...etc on folder 1 or folder 5 to each user or groups that i will allow to work in these sub folders ?
    can i do that in AD and User Computers ? if yes, then what groups ?
    In the old post above, it can be done by creating a batch file, how do i do or execute that ?
    Thank you very much for your help.

    batch from the above post:
    FORFILES /M confidential /S /C "cmd /c if @isdir==TRUE cacls @path /D domain\notallowed"

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    Re: folders and acess rights on servers

    The other thread was to assicn a specific folder name's permissions regardless of what parent folder it had. In your scenario, if each folder has different people / groups that need access, and it's a one time thing, then you'll just need to do it manually.

    If this isn't what you mean, could you please clarify? Will there only be these 12 folders, or would it change at will? Is there any correlation between who needs access to Sale\folder1 and QA\folder1? Do you have any Security Groups set up in AD?
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      Re: folders and acess rights on servers

      Any reason why you needed to double post the exact same message 1 hour and 22 minutes later?
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        Re: folders and acess rights on servers


        i do not know how it happened, but i did not repost it the second time.


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          Re: folders and acess rights on servers

          hi Wired,

          i can manually enter each user, but i prefer creating group/groups for each main subfolders or subfolders. the number of main subfolders might not change. there shouldnt be any correlation between users of Sale\Folder1 and QA\Folder1.
          Yes i do have security groups set up in AD. i'm still testing/changing to see if it works or not. Any idea of how to setup or modifying it from my groups to get it to work would be appreciated. Thank you.