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folders and acess rights on servers

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  • folders and acess rights on servers


    i found this old post and this is pretty much what i want to do but i do not know how. Please explain and show me how if you can.

    Very similar to that post, i will have:

    Sale Folder
    folder 1
    folder 5

    QA Folder
    folder 1
    folder 5

    So Sale Folder & QA Folder would have to be shared for users to see in the network. how do i set specific rights such as read, write, delete...etc on folder 1 or folder 5 to each user or groups that i will allow to work in these sub folders ?
    can i do that in AD and User Computers ? if yes, then what groups ?
    In the old post above, it can be done by creating a batch file, how do i do or execute that ?
    Thank you very much for your help.

    batch from the above post:
    FORFILES /M confidential /S /C "cmd /c if @isdir==TRUE cacls @path /D domain\notallowed"