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DFS blue question mark

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  • DFS blue question mark


    Have not been able to find much info on this so here goes. I have a DFS namespace that is AD integrated (not published). I have recently created a new DC and moved all roles, services and catalog to this new server. In trying to see all is okay with the move I turned off the previous "old" DC. The DFS
    link shows a blue question mark with the old DC off.

    What I want to do is see that all is okay before I totally decommission the old server and remove it from AD. How can I turn off the old DC without affecting


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    Re: DFS blue question mark

    add the new DC as a namespace server, remove the old dc as a namespace server.


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      Re: DFS blue question mark

      Okay, tried searching but everything I come up with refers to server 2003 r2, just running server 2003. So I don't think the Distributed File System tool
      will accomplish this, or will it? I see "new root target". Also note the server I want to turn off is not even running dfs, it is just a dc.

      Little lost. How do I do this? I will continue to Google though.
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        Re: DFS blue question mark

        Yes, root target. Make sure the old server doesn't host any other roots or links.


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          Re: DFS blue question mark

          Again, server being turned off is not hosting DFS. At all. Maybe I'm a little deep
          but I don't see how a seperate DC (one being turned off) that is NOT hosting DFS is causing this blue icon. Other than it has AD.

          Wouldn't you define a "new root target" on the DC running DFS root?

          Sorry for not understanding, just not piecing it together.


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            Re: DFS blue question mark

            Okay, now found out it's a moot point. Maybe over the months there was a configuration issue or AD had to update. Tried turning off the DC again and all is okay, no blue ? . DC has been off a few days and all is okay, error logs
            don't sow anything bad.