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Windows 2k3 Firewall

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  • Windows 2k3 Firewall

    I hope this is the right forum for my post.

    I currently have two server Server A and Server B

    I wish allow all traffic from Server A to Server B.

    I am currently using the builtin firewall in win2k3 server to add exceptions on a port by port bases. Over the years our internal apps have gotten so complex at this point i wish to allow all tcp traffic from server A to Server B. Where can i set it in w2k3 server firewall as the only options I see are port based.

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    Re: Windows 2k3 Firewall

    Use IPSec instead. It have all the features, so that you can filter based on IPs, ports and policy.
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      Re: Windows 2k3 Firewall

      Yes but rolling out IPsec can be a monster.

      You can't do this using Windows Firewall. Either turn it off and grab a 3rd party or use a hardware firewall.