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Server 2000 will not DCPROMO down [Was: Server 2000]

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  • Server 2000 will not DCPROMO down [Was: Server 2000]

    My name is Lee and I am new to this, I have a windows 2000 server, I have a comcast cable modem and a trendent router. I hae my cable modem plugged into the WAN port I have a laptop and Apple with OX10 and my server plugged into my lan ports. I am able to recieve internet acces on all computer including my servier. I am trying to remove active directory and make it a member server. When I go into DCpromo I get a message the domain controller is a Global catalog server. I click Okay. Then it goes into remove active directory, I click next, It asks for an administrative password, I type in a password, click next . Then I get a message the operation failed because a domain controller could not me contacted by the domain that contained an accout for the computer. Make the computer a member of a workgroup then rejoin the domain before retrying the promotion. It says the specified domain does not exist. Do I need more than just a router. My domain is Is there somthing I need to do in the IPconfig/all, do I need to by a hub. I would like to play around with active directoy but I can't. Any help would be appreciatied and any more information you need I can provide. I hope Iexplained my probelm where I can get some help. I look forward to hearing from you Thank you for your support.

    Lee Nipon
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    Re: Server 2000

    Try disconnecting the server from the router, then run dcpromo again. It might be getting confused because the domain exists on the internet. In future, I recommend that you pick a TLD for your AD domain name that is not valid on the internet, such as .lan, unless you can be sure that the AD network will never be connected to the internet - unlikely these days.

    In future, also please give your threads a descriptive title as required by the forum rules - the title "Server 2000" in a forum about that product is not helpful and doesn't tell anyone anything about your question.

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    Give your post a good topic (or subject line), reflecting the question's intentions
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      Re: Server 2000 will not DCPROMO down [Was: Server 2000]

      Where does your server look for DNS resolution???

      Point it to itself, i'm presuming that it has a static IP, and that should resolve the issue.