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VPN connection on server to HQ locks out local users

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  • VPN connection on server to HQ locks out local users

    I have a rather perplexing situation. I have a server in a remote office that connects to HQ via VPN. The VPN link is via the internet. The server is functioning as expected as long as the VPN connection is not active. However, as soon as the VPN connection is initiated, local users cannot access any shares! Has anyone seen something similar and resolved the issue?

    The server in question is running Windows Server 2003 and hosting Exchange Server 2003, DNS, DHCP, WINS, and RAS (the problem child). This server is configured identical to a server at HQ that also hosts VPN connections and we do not have any issues with it. The only thing I can think of that is somewhat different is the way the NIC's are teamed. On the server at HQ, I see the Teamed interface and also the two NICs. However, on the problem on, I see just the Teamed interface - could there be something there?


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    Re: VPN connection on server to HQ locks out local users

    Could you give more information on the setup?

    How are the Domain configured (IE: does both use independent AD for users? or is set to replicate?, IP Scheme for both networks)

    What IP does the VPN link give to the other server?

    What are the server names?

    A guesses (and I could be off base) is a possible IP conflict, or naming/DNS conflict.