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Restoring AD and Exchange

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  • Restoring AD and Exchange

    I am having trouble implementing instructions suggested by Microsoft and Veritas to restore A failed DC that had Exchange 2000 Server installed.

    This is purely a test environment with the following setup:

    A domain Controller
    With all the Roles in place.
    DNS and DHCP
    Exchange 2000 installed

    I have a Full Backup of the System state, Exchange Public information store, Mailbox Store.

    This is what I'm trying to do:

    I have reinstalled Windows 2000 Server, created the same number and sizes of partitions(C, D) as before
    Installed Backup exec V 9.0 to partition D
    Restored the System state
    As soon as I reboot, The system becomes unusable, I can't even run Backup Exec as all the services are stopped and no matter what I do, I

    can't start them. I need to be able to get the system back to the state that it was before I re-installed.

    Thanks to whoever is willing to share their knowledge on this.

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    Was backup exec installed to the D drive before the failure ?

    System State restores the registry so Backup Exec needs to be installed to same drive\ install path.

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      This is a recommendation by Veritas, the idea is that it doesn't overwrite itself during the restore (I think). I've also seen it done this way- installed to D: temporarily to restore the System State and then uninstalled and re-installed to C: afterwards to complete the restoration of the other stuff- Information Store, mailboxes e.t.c.


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        I had to restore a DC once in a test environment to prove the concept.

        A big lesson was learnt.

        For instance I had to restore two DCs and get a first replication going.
        The below article talks about promoting other DCs, though the point is that same. If you are going to restore a domain, you can't do it with only one DC.,00.html

        It looks like even before you get Exchange going, you need to successfully restore your domain.


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          thanks, but my situation isn't that complicated, it is purely a test environment and I'm trying to work out how to restore AD and Exchange back to a Server, everything was backed up and is on tape. I just need someone to tell me simply, how to achieve this. Please note that everything is on one Server! AD and Exchange.

          I have already re-installed Windows 2000 Server with the same SP and Backup Exec, I have a Full backup on tape but I have no clue on what to do next, there are too many different solutions which don't seem to work in practice. Anyone who has been in this situation should be able to help, thanks in advance.


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            Even though you are running a test environment, you still need to go through all the steps one at a time.

            Step one calls for domain functionality to be returned. So you need to restore your Exchange box as a DC only first, remembering to reproduce your drive structure. Then DCPROMO another machine to get the first time replication going.

            DNS is definately going to need to be restored also. This should be done as part of your original restore operation.

            DHCP is not important as this is used to service PCs.

            When you have a solid domain structure then you can think about restoring Exchange.


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              Let me explain myself a bit more clearly:

              On a Fujitsu Siemen's Machine
              I installed Windows 2000 Server
              Ran DCPROMO to make it a domain controller
              Then I installed Exchange
              Created a few users and mail-enabled them
              Install Backup Exec
              Backed up Everything onto tape; system state, Public information store e.t.c.
              then I Wiped the hard Disk

              My aim is to be able to restore everything from the above tape, but I have been unsuccessful.

              IT WAS ALSO A SINGLE DOMAIN SO THERE ARE NO REPLICATION ISSUES TO WORRY ABOUT. I will practise a replication scenario as soon as I can get this resolved.

              I hope it is clearer now.