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problem after W2K to W2K3 migration

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  • problem after W2K to W2K3 migration


    i have migrated a server from W2K to W2K3
    but now each time i boot this server i have a problem

    this server is used as an NAT server

    the server start but after 5 or 6 minutes i receive a pop-up as the RPC service caused an problem and the server launch the shutdown.

    when i stop the shutdown and restart the RPC service, i receive the same problem.

    have you any idee of this problem.

    I try to install server from scratch but it's the same problem.


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    sounds like the blaster worm to me. I would head on over to and get the fixblast utility, and get the patch from microsoft.


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      Here is a few links for you to try out. First get rid of that pain in the ass worm then patch it

      For the removal instructions go here:

      For the Patch go here:

      If this wasn't your problem leave some more info...

      K thnx Bye
      Brad Bentley


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        Ok, thanks to all

        i will try that solution and provide you the result.

        see you


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          You can also go into SERVICES and change RPC to Restart the service.
          The same with RPC Locator. Reboot system.
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            how about this...

            RUN > CMD > SHUTDOWN -A

            blah blah blah
            Brad Bentley


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              I tried that, but the "blah blah blah" switch doesn't seem to work.
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                Please configure RPC service to restart it self if it fail (no reboot, just restart the service).
                You do this by:

                Start -> Run -> services.msc -> choose RPC service -> recovery.

                After this, download all Windows updates fixs, reboot. Install and configure firewall, and that all.
                Best Regards,

                Yuval Sinay

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