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HP5035X Printing problem

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  • HP5035X Printing problem

    I downloaded and installed the latest printer driver from HP for our HP5035X. Network Print queue, nothing special in the setup. The main reason was to improve performance for our sole Vista Business machine.

    Since the update, Excel 97, 2003 and 2007 print even pages rotated 90 degrees.

    I have a machine that had never had any printers installed and installed the driver, opened the excel doc and printed no problems.

    I asked a user to remove all printer connections then log off. I logged in as admin and removed the printer drivers for all installed printers. I checked that C:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\x86w32 folder was clear and rebooted the PC.

    When the PC came back up I connected to the printer, installed the drivers and printed a test page. No problems there.

    I asked the user to logon an connect to the network print queues. No problems. He opens Excel and his document then prints the seven pages. Same thing. Odd number pages are ok even pages are rotated 90 degrees.

    I have installed Open Office and opened the Excel file using SCalc. The document prints as expected.

    Anyone have any suggestions how to get Excel printing properly again?

    Many Thanks




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    Re: HP5035X Printing problem

    That's a weird issue, have you tried reinstalling Office or using the Detect and Repair" feature?


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      Re: HP5035X Printing problem

      Thanks for the reply.

      I eventually had to remove the queues and drivers from the server. Reload the drivers and re-create the queues.

      I'd only removed the drivers from a users machine connected to the print queue.

      Problem solved

      Must remember to remove printer driver before upgrading a driver.

      Thanks again.