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Retrieve / transfer TSCAL Key

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  • Retrieve / transfer TSCAL Key

    Hi Guys !
    We have retired the old Win2003 Server, and set up a new one - still running Server 2003.
    On the old Server we had 5 TSCAL's, which was installed from a code-letter.
    Now the code-letter is lost - but the old Server is still alive.

    Is there any way, we can retrieve the TSCAL keys out of the old server ?
    or maybe export them out of the old Registry ?

    Of course the old Server is killed, as soon as we have the TSCAL's transferred.


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    Re: Retrieve / transfer TSCAL Key

    Maybe tell us what you've tried already? Do the suggestions here retrieve the relevant keys?
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      Re: Retrieve / transfer TSCAL Key

      You'll need to call the Microsoft Clearinghouse as per page 15 of this
      If the information you receive helps please let us know and leave reputation points where appropriate.

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