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windows 2003 RRAS server NAT configuration

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  • windows 2003 RRAS server NAT configuration

    hi all,
    I have a windows 2003 RRAS server, I setup a CMAK VPN profile for all VPN users in company, and this CMAK profile using a proxy server in office network. it works fine except the Citrix connections, and it 's impossible to change Citrix setting, so I' m wordering, if I can seperate the Cirix connection from other internet connections to proxy server, and decicated forward it to Cirix server's Public IP.
    for example:
    RRAS server's public IP is (, Lan IP is,
    Proxy server 's lan IP is
    Citrix server's Public IP is

    right now, my CMAK setting is all connection go through proxy server
    I want RRAS server able to separate Citrix connection( both port 443 and 1494) heading to Citrix server( from other connections and forward it to Citrix server(
    thanks in advance!