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Map network drive always disconnect

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  • Map network drive always disconnect

    Dear All,
    I have a problem about network drive.
    I map k: \\server1\share on w2k3 server

    But it always disconnect , Click the drive cannot work
    When i ping to server1 ,then the network drive will re-connect...... Why?

    Other , I try to change mapping use ip address of server1...
    K: \\\share that never disconnect ..... Why?

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    Re: Map network drive always disconnect

    This is not uncommon with network drives. Does it happen during the day or is it at next logon etc? If it always works by IP address but not by name you could have some intermittent connectivity with the DNS servers.

    Best way I've found to minimise problems like this is to use a logon script to delete and re-map network drives every logon.

    net use /delete k:
    net use \\server1\share k:

    will do the trick. I always add in the delete to make sure users aren't mapping random drives and get the mappings they should.
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      Re: Map network drive always disconnect

      Windows 2000 Pro was always doing this. You can safely ignore them. Windows was just trying to save bandwidth by dropping idle connections. I don't recall this problem happening on XP or above though.
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        Re: Map network drive always disconnect

        It actually happens on XP and Vista also. This is normal behavior. There are a limited number of available endpoint mappers and to conserve them on the server, Windows will disconnect an idle network connection after a period of time. clicking the mapped drive is enough to "remake" the connection.


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          Re: Map network drive always disconnect

          When you say the drive disconnect, I assume you mean it gets a big red X on the mapping. This can be changed by reading the following MS KB article.
          The drives normally go offline/disconnect after 15 minutes. By making the changes in the article the drives stay connect for just a wee bit longer. If you want a good laugh, work out how long the modification keeps the drive mapping alive.
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