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The local policy of this system requires...Smart card

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  • The local policy of this system requires...Smart card

    I have problem with logon to server (WIN 2003 server).

    When I try to logon I get Logon Message: The local policy of system requires you to logon using a smart card.
    I'm not activate this Security Option.
    I don't have Smart card and nobody in my network has.

    I have admin password but I can't logon to server.

    This server is a Domain server.
    I try to access to Local Security Settings (in Safe mode) but this option is not active in Safe mode.

    Is that virus or what?
    Please, help me.
    (Sorry on my bad English)

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    Never heard of a virus that does that, I'm guessing that for whatever reason, this option has been enabled in the policy.

    Start the DC and leave at logon prompt, Install Adminpak.msi onto an XP client, then change the Default Domain Controller Policy.

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      You are a my MAN!

      Thanks a lot!