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  • Shadow copy backup

    Hi All,
    i'm new of this forum, i've a windows2K3 and Exchange 2003 in my company.

    I'm Using shadow copy to backup my shared files on the server, but i've a problem...if my server will broke down, and i can recover my operating system, how i can restore all the file if i use only shadow copy?

    Is it possibile to have a backup of shadow copy files? where them are located? how can i backup them?with NtBackup?

    Thank in advance,

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    Do you want to copy the live data or only the shadow data?

    You can copy live data anytime, however when volume shadowing is enabled and the live data is in use it will use the most recent shadow in the backup. I know of no way to backup only the shadow data.

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      Yes this is the problem, if i use only shadow copy, i will lost all the data if the operating system will broke down and it will not start...

      so, i wish to backup all data and shadows copy copies, is it possibile?

      so, in ntbackup there is the possibility to backup the "System Configuration", this will backing up also the shadow copy copies?