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DNS nameserver problem

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  • DNS nameserver problem

    Hi guys!

    I have problem with my DNS server runniong on server 2003...

    It`s a server of my external domain...

    See image:

    This is local server with IP: 192.168.1.XXX
    I have port forwarded to this server and all works fine... But everytime I restart DNS server service, webserver. pops in...
    Everything works, but it`s annoying as hell

    How to get rid of this?
    I would like to have ONLY 3 nameservers and get rid of faulty webserver.


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    Re: DNS nameserver problem

    I tried some registry hacks, but everytime I

    1. Restart DNS server
    2. DNS server refresh
    3. Restart server 2003

    it automatically adds the hostname of server to nameservers...

    Is there even a possibility to change this behavior? This is not AD scenario, this server is a part of workgroup, behind a router...

    Installed and tested BIND, there were no such problems there, but I would like to use microsoft solution...


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      Re: DNS nameserver problem

      Check the list of DNS servers supplied through DHCP?

      What reg tweaks have you tried?
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        Re: DNS nameserver problem

        For future reference, questions related to Active Directory/DNS are best asked in the Active Directory forum.

        who is that "webserver" ? check and see if that web server box has a DNS server Installed on it.
        If so check if you need that Server as DNS if not, remove it.
        If you do need it then see if it is configured as a secondary zone to your Zone in question, etc.
        Well you get my point.

        It would be nice if you could detail about that Zone in question, is it a Primary zone,Secondary zone,AD Integrated, are there any zone transfer configured, etc?
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