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Completion of W2k3 DC upgrade

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  • Completion of W2k3 DC upgrade

    Hi all,
    Thanks for the excellent forum!
    This is my first post here and I hope it is not posted incorrectly
    Here is my issue and some questions.

    Backround and schema:
    We have a Win2000 domain with 2 domain controllers DC1 and DC3. The main DC is also running ISA and Exhange. [before you tell me it shouldn't - I know! I came into this configuration].
    We also have another Exchange server (Mail1) (Exchange 2000 on Win2000] which is our primary mail server - I have moved all mail boxes to it and no active ones exist in DC1.
    We also have an SQL 2000 server running on W2k3 (SQL1) and a webserver (web1) running on W2k3. These two systems - web and SQL ARE our business. We run a few in custom (Visual webservices) built web apps off the webserver that talk with the SQL server. Our phone system (IVR1) is also integral to our business (IVR system receiving thousands of calls querying the SQL dbase a day)

    Here is what I have done/started.
    Installing Cisco ASA5520 so that I can take all ISA roles off server and use the Cisco for routing, access and firewall.
    Got a new serve to replace DC1 - W2k3 Ent. [NEWDCMAIN -,]] followed numerous upgrade tips from MS and other including the very good -
    I have moved all roles over except dhcp. reasoning is that I would like to be able to do this at the time I change the IP addresses to equal what they were on DC1. Currently old DC1 is and on one NIC and then of course there is the 'public' NIC with about 11 different IPs which will now be handled by the Cisco box.
    The new server is up and running and seems to be fine. It has been up for a week and all seems to be replicating.

    But I still have two major issues
    1. I need to have the Certificate Authority moved over - without it our webservices won't run! And I risk the SQL apps not working.
    I have now seen some articles telling me that this can't be done with out upgrading the original server to W2k3! A scary though as that machine is litterally out of resources - less than 500MB free on system drive (and yes i have moved deleted what I could from it) and has only 512 RAM

    2. On the new DC (NEWDCMAIN) I don't have any 'Exchange options' available in the Active Directory Users and Comuters snap in. Is this because I need to 're-run' adprep' from the Exchange setup on the Exchange server [MAIL1]?

    What I would like is any information as to where to proceed next.
    My goal is to remove/decomission the ISA services, get the Certificate Authority moved and working, removing the Exhange server running on DC1 and then work on upgrading my real/main Exchange server.

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again for the wonderfull forum.
    Last edited by biggles77; 13th December 2008, 17:58. Reason: Added line spacing to make it easier to read. Lots of info, very good first post! Thanks. :-)