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  • file access security policy

    Hey and Good afternoon All. I really appricate the help and responce time i have seen and recived on "Petri".

    I want to enlist the services of any able minded poster who can point me in the right direction, in regards to the following.

    A file access security policy that will allow different access levels for different levels of information.

    example : conceder a binary tree, each parent is a "folder" and the children are its "content"

    I would like to know how i can go about implementing this. I seem to lack some of the proper terms and as such my search on the net keeps bring up information that has been of little help.

    The operating system: Windows Server 2000/2003

    Bertland Hope

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    Re: file access security policy

    Sounds likea MACL system where rights are automatically assigned depending on the "level" of content. Windows uses a DACL system, you'll need to organize your content and setup the proper NTFS permissions.

    Google NTFS permissions