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  • DFS Target selection

    Hi there,

    I just recently setup a share replication using DFRS at the office.

    1 shared folder with multiple sub folders being replicated on 2 different servers.
    ( one server in Canada, the other in France )

    My question is ::

    Considering the users all use the same sharename to access this share, what determines which server they are actually working on ?

    I made a few tests so far but nothing is really conclusive. For instance, I connected to a machine in montreal and mapped the share. Then I created a dummy text file on the share and it appeared in Paris server first...

    Please enlighten me


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    Re: DFS Target selection

    Are you mapping the share or the DFS root?

    DFSR is site-aware so its based on how your AD Sites are defined.


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      Re: DFS Target selection

      Hi again,

      thanks for the prompt reply.

      Here's the thing,

      we have many sites but they all have the same site costs ... ( I did not put the infrastructure up )

      I am mapping using the info found when I right click a dfs link

      example ::