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  • Limited or No Connectivity

    I have two NICs in my machine. One of them is hooked directly to the Internet but it has limited to no connectivity. Does anybody know if there's a certain setting you need in order for Windows Server 2003 to have a direct connection to the Internet?
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    I am assuming that you must have some kind of router attached to the Internet or a modem of some type.

    Typically if you have some connectivity you probably have a DNS issue. If you have no connectivity you probably have an IP addressing issue.

    Open a command prompt and run the IPCONFIG /ALL and check for your IP address and your default gateway address. They should be in the same network space (, both should fall into the last octet).

    If the Ip looks ok then try pinging the gateway. If that works try pinging a website (I use This should help you determine where your issue is.

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