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Applying computer settings... forever...

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  • Applying computer settings... forever...

    I have run into a situation with a client. He has a 2003 Standard Server R2 (64 bit). We have done a lot of work for him including taking an old UPS and connecting it in with their utility and guess what... somewhere the service got disabled (I think it is crap) so when he lost power the other day, guess what did not shutdown gracefully.

    So now it take forever (read 1 hour???) to get past the Applying computer settings and Exchange is not working (store service never starts).

    I went in and disabled all Exchange services and restarted and starts right away (by the way all else is working on the server). So I followed:

    toward the bottom on another post I found here. All seemed good as I was able to manually enable/start all services and was getting email just fine. So I followed the last step:

    Add the Exchange Enterprise Servers security group to the "Manage auditing and security log" policy setting. Then you should be able to restart the Exchange Services - if they start you should have no problem rebooting.

    and rebooted and again taking forever. So I went back into safemode and disabled all Exchange services and rebooted and still the same problem. I did not back out the policy setting above. This is Exchange 2007. Any ideas???

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Applying computer settings... forever...

    Restore Exchange from the backup taken before the power cut.
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      Re: Applying computer settings... forever...

      Does DNS etc resolve still on this server? Are there any other error messages in the event logs?

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        Re: Applying computer settings... forever...

        Turns out the culprit is probably TrendMicro. If I disable all services we boot up quickly. I am going to uninstall and totally reinstall and see if this takes care of the issue. Thanks for the response.