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Sync DNS server. (2003 and 2000 server)

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  • Sync DNS server. (2003 and 2000 server)

    I have two DNS-servers in my network.
    The 2003 server is a member of our domain, and the 2000 server is not.

    The forward lookupzone for our domain is present on both servers, but they are not in sync. Therefore I experience problems when trying to reach workstations and the record has expired.


    I am connected to the 2000-server.
    Workstations are connected to the 2003-server.

    We run OpenDNS on the 2003 server, and for several reasons I cannot use the 2003-server myself.

    How can I make the forward lookup-zones sync?

    (I have little experience with DNS)
    Greetings from
    Petter C.

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    Re: Sync DNS server. (2003 and 2000 server)

    there is no such thing in DNS world as multi primary DNS.
    Only Microsoft created a multi primary DNS and that is only if the DNS is AD integrated.
    your two options are.
    1) use the Microsoft DNS server service and make your DNS AD Integrated and that is only if both your 2000 and 2003 boxes are Domain controllers in the same Domain (it would not cross domain even if in the same forest, that is b/c of your 2000 Box).
    2) have a Primary DNS and the 2nd box make it a secondary DNS for that Zone.

    once you pick either one of those solutions everything would Sync.
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