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HELP with 2003 Install

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  • HELP with 2003 Install

    Ok on old wind NT4 one of the steps on the Installation was the selection between the PDC/BDC or Member Server as some point.

    I have a brand new prestine server not connected to the network that I want to make a Win2003 PDC(Or whatever it's called now) At what point of the installation that happends on Windows 2003, I got to the part where I join a domain or a workgroup if I select domain I need to supply user name and password for the domain that I want to join, the issue is that the domain don't exist yet.

    Do I make any sense!?!?!?

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    Domain Controller

    Sounds like you're just trying to set up a domain controller. Don't worry about this part during setup. Just go through the motions and after everything loads correctly you'll get the "manage my server" window after the initial reboot. select "domain controller" and follow the wizard.
    Here's a link to Microsoft's technet on the issue.


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      Re: Domain Controller

      Thanks!! ... I'll try that