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Server run slowly (almost hang)

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  • Server run slowly (almost hang)

    Hi all,

    I have a problem with my server (using win2K Advanced Server).
    This server sometimes runs slowly (almost hang) and sometimes normally.
    It didn't run slowly all the time. I must wait for about one minute to execute program (ex. windows explorer). After one minute, it will work normally again for about 30 seconds, then it will slow down again. It makes me confused.
    I must restart it to make it work well again. The problem will happen again in unspecified time.

    I've run antispyware but there is no threat detected. And there is no error at the event logs.

    Does anyone know why this problem occured?


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    Possible faulty memory, which I know sounds like a long shot but I have seen this before.

    Do you have any realtime AV software monitoring your server, have you tried disabling this ?

    Is the server patched up to the eye balls ?

    What else do you have running on there ?

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      Any suspicious process running when you look at task manager?

      This sounds kind of vague. I agree w/ topper that the memory thing is possible but it is a long shot.

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        What is meant about long shot and eye balls? I don't know about it.

        At the task manager I found SQL Server the highest process that using memory. I have tried removing the SQL Server process but the problem still occured.

        I use norton antivirus as the realtime AV. But I haven't tried disabling that.
        Might it be caused by norton AV?