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Windows 2k3 recovery in a DR situation?

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  • Windows 2k3 recovery in a DR situation?

    Good morning all,

    I have a small project to manage at the moment which involves setting up a simple Disaster Recovery plan at our DR site for the interim period before we migrate to a hosted solution.

    As a legal firm we have to maintain the integrity of our Windows 2k3 setup including Active Directory and our 3 main systems during a disaster scenario, which are as follows:

    Exchange Email
    Elite Accounts package (including SQL database server)
    VisualFiles Case Management Software (including Progress database server)

    I am still in the planning part of this implementation and just wondered if anyone can offer advice as to how to start the process off.

    Basically, the way I see it happening is this:

    Migrate the Active Directory domain in its entirety (including main roles such AD, DNS, DHCP)
    Image the main systems and get them up and running at the other site.
    Import the databases and files from backup in the event of a disaster.

    Is there an easy way to get an identical domain up and running at the DR site? Also, presuming i take daily 'System State' backups of the Domain Controllers, is it possible to restore all the data, including users' password etc without any issues? The two sites will not talk to each, although they CAN be setup to do so using a VPN if necessary.

    Does anyone know of the standard best practice for this or know of anywhere i can read up about the ins and outs of this?

    Many thanks in advance,