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  • isur and iwam accounts

    I'm just picking up the pieces after I had a DC die on me today. I eventually got just about everything back up and running. One thing I did was to promote a 2000 Member Server to a DC, but it has IIS on it that is necessary for a browser-based app that is only for my LAN clients. And of course I didn't pay much attention to the "All local accounts will be deleted" during DCPromo. DOH!

    So how do I get the IUSR and IWAM accounts back so users can again access the browser-based app? I did see that I have a couple ISUR_servername users in AD, but none of them have the server name of the recently promoted DC. Can I rename them or should I just create new ones or what?

    I've Googled already, but can't seem to find much.


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    Re: isur and iwam accounts

    Do you have another member server you could install IIS on instead?
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      Re: isur and iwam accounts

      Originally posted by gforceindustries View Post
      Do you have another member server you could install IIS on instead?
      Not for this app.

      What I wound up doing was modifying the Anonymous Access to use one of the existing IUSR_servername accounts and it seems to be working now.